Dancy dance

>> Insert obligatory apology for lack of attention to the blog <<  Seriously, how does time get away from me like this!

OK, now that that's over with.

Since I've been back to work, (part-time, from home! Can you believe this exists!?) we had to leave Lucy's dance class since they run the class twice per week - go figure - on the two days a week I dedicate to work.

So that means we won't be attending the recital in June, and no more tutu overload.  *Sigh*.  But all is well, since we found a new dance class that is actually more like what we were looking for in the first place - a mix of dance, song, baby yoga, activity, and movement in a nice dance studio in Southie.  One of Lucy's buddies is taking it as well, so all the better!

Here's the last vestige of her former "ballet" class.  Never did quite master Itsy Bitsy Spider.  But an ace in cuteness, for sure.


aimee.s.s. said…
So cute! She should probably just wear the tutus around for fun...I do :)

Ok, I don't, but I wish I did.
Anonymous said…
Nanny's heart just melted!
Amanda said…
I love her expression at the end when she looked at her fingers, like these aren't really spiders...
nikki said…
@AIMEE yes she does wear her tutus a lot still! Still to dance, and to bday parties, and you know, just in the morning while watching cartoons.

@AMANDA totally died when she was doing that!!
amy said…
omg i can't WAIT till i can do a dance class with harps!!!

looove the tutu, love how good she is at the spider, love that lulu!!

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