Not my favorite post.

Yikes... I've all but fallen off the edge of the earth, as far as the Bra Factory is concerned!

I wish I could tell you exciting things have been happening over here, but oh the contrary.  A couple of weekends ago - while Nat was away on business of course - Lucy had 2 seizures because of a high fever.  This has never happened before, and luckily she was sleeping in my bed so I could instantaneously scoop her up/find my glasses/call 911/start cooling her off...

Thinking about it is like a terrible dream.  I have most definitely never been more scared.  The sound of the seizure alone has carved some permanent worry in me, and then hearing the ambulance coming for her... it was an out of body experience to say the least. 

I could probably write way too much about that 24 hours, or the few days after where I got only a few hours of sleep a day, while trying to keep her fever down which was hovering at 102 even despite 2 fever reducing medications. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?

But I won't get too into it, because I'm really happy to have her back to normal, no fever. Everyone sleeping soundly... kind of.  Because now I have learned that her body does this to fight high fevers.  And while I know that febrile seizures are far more horrifying than dangerous, I know this worry will pang me every time she has a sniffle. 

So there was my first dose of real parental fear.  And this was scary, but not harmful.  She's fine, and now I know what to do when she gets a fever again.  It makes me marvel at the strength of parents whose little ones have battles to fight every day.

OK, scary story over... and with that I'll be back to over-posting plenty of pictures of happy/healthy Lucy!  Who, by the way, I caught playing her toes like a harmonica and singing "I GOT THE BLUES".  Yep, she's fine.


Brooke Kotsonis said…
Oh Nikki, how scary!! HUGS to you and Lucy!! Thank goodness she was sleeping in your bed when it happened, so serendipitous!

You're SO right, those scary moments are the ones that remind us how lucky we are to have relatively healthy kiddos. We've had plenty of those moments, too! I'm going to hug Miss S even tighter tonight, thanks for another reminder :).

Hope Miss L continues on the road to recovery and rockin' toe tunes!!
ACK! Yes, that would send me over the mama edge. I am SO GLAD she is ok.
Trish said…
Nikki - oh my goodness, you poor thing! And poor little Lucy! I'm glad that she's feeling better and big hugs to you for getting her (and yourself) through it. I count my blessings every day that my kids are healthy, strong and happy.

Playdate soon? We'd love to take a trip out to 'the city' to visit. Bryden needs some culture :)
Nikki said…
Thanks you guys! Hugs to all your babes and hope to see you soon...

@TRISH - we are free to see you and those cuties any time!! Tell me when :)
MegElizabeth said…
Oh no! Lucy! I can't even imagine how scary that was. Good to hear she's doing better though and striving toward new musical innovations!

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