Mother's Day

My mom wanted nothing more than girly girls - and wouldn't you know, my sister and I were not the doll-loving type.  And I never expected Lucy to be the girly type either.  I didn't want to pinkify her room, bought her artistic toys instead of dolls or princesses.  And wouldn't you know!  The girl loves pink and purple, girly accessories, and dotes on her dolls for hours.  And I love it!

With my mom in 1982.

Feeling very thankful this Mother's Day, not only for my own amazing mother, but for the great gift of motherhood.  Hope you lovely Mamas out there are enjoying some spoiling and baby love!

Baby and me.

Nanny Sue and Lucy Lu.


Anonymous said…
Wow! I forgot about that picture. Thank you! So long ago...but my heart loves you so!

Love Mom
Mamados said…
Your daughter is beautiful1!!!

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