Theatrical soccer... ?

I'm REALLY hoping we aren't rained out tomorrow, because all three of us have been looking forward to Lucy's first day in her soccer group.

Me: Lucy, are you excited for your first day of soccer?


Me:  Are you going to kick the ball?

Lucy's answer is below.  No idea why she thinks soccer players "go this way and wiggle wiggle".

Happy Friday everyone!


Nat said…
i have never seen a better video in my life!
Anonymous said…
That is the funniest thing I have ever seen, It should be entered on one of those kid shows...

Pop Pop
amy said…
omg! i love this video! totally made my night.

her vocab/talking is AMAZING! is she, like, 5 and i didn't know it??

BOW! lovessssss.
Amanda said…
I agree, when did she start talking so much!?? I can't wait to hang out with her next week. At least she's got the kicking down, and if not, she can't distract the others with her wiggle wiggle. :)
sarah said…
and THIS way and THIS WAY! Bow, bow... I did it!

Totally awesome, LOVE IT. Go kick some butt on the field Lu!

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