I know I have a great many things to blog about, including Lucy turning 2 (!!!), Father's Day, trips to the Cape, babe pictures overload.  But while I still exist under this rock, here's a little window into my world.

Nat: Lucy, can I put you to bed tonight? I'll tell you a story.

Lucy: NO. MOMMY.

Me: OK Lucy, let's go.

Lucy: Will you tell me a story, Mommy?

Me: Nope, only Daddy has stories tonight.

Lucy: Story of my life.

Other gems she has told me lately:  "Mama, you're a real big guy, but a great guy", "Are you big and chunky, Mama?", and "I need to go to Costco to get a box of chocolate milk."


Fritzy said…
I love her. And you, you real big guy.
Amanda said…
seriously where did you find this kid. You can't make this stuff up.
Nat said…
in the interest of full disclosure, by "story of my life" Lucy was actually asking nikki to tell her the story of her life... just as weird.
amy said…
@nat: ahahahaha.

also, the chocolate milk quote is my fav!! girl's got priorities.

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