I feel like I owe you this...

20 in 20!  20 pounds that is.  In 20 weeks.  Impressed?


amy said…
Ooo ooo oooo! How scrumptious is that bump!! You look so good!

(And I love that photo bomber.)

Your stalkers thank you for posting weeee! (And I still think you should star in a TV pilot: 20 in 20.) (And I would NEVER know, cereal, that you didn't weigh zactly the same +1 bump.)

can't wait to see you sooooooooon!
Amanda said…
So I had to look at your 20 wk Bumpdate w/ Lucy to compare! It's true you show quicker with number 2! And I had totally gained 20 lbs by that point with William, but I didn't even have a belly to show for it.
You look great! Keep the Bumpdates coming!

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