Bumpdate that also resembles Magic Eye

32 weeks today!  Eight more weeks to go.  EIGHT.  I am so gigantic and these stripes are even making me dizzy when I see myself walk by a mirror (that's a lot of stripes).

I am definitely carrying this baby differently than with Lucy... also I'm about 10 lbs lighter than I was at this point the first time around!  (Here I am 32 weeks pregnant with Lucy...)

I think if you cross your eyes a little you'll see hamburgers and
 Cheez-Its appear in the design on my shirt.


Brooke Kotsonis said…
WOW! How amazing do you look!? Congrats on being 80% baked, you're almosst there :).
Jill D/C said…
Wow Nikki- you look great!

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