Lucy's Letter to Santa

We had been prepping her a little for this activity since Nat phoned good old Mr. Claus and asked him to send Lucy a note in the mail.  We told her she should tell Santa what she wants for Christmas, might want to mention what her family wants (including Monkey Water) and that she's been a good girl.

While watching the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting Special, we thought it a good time to get out the paper and red and green crayons.  OK Lucy, go for it!  Mama's your scribe, and Dada is waiting poised at to make good on all of your wishes to Santa.

Not sure if Santa is a reader of the blog, but just in case, here's what she said:

Dear Mrs. Claus and Santa, 
My name is Lucy. I want a happy bad dinosaur and a dollhouse with people in it with toilet paper. I want that in my dollhouse. And then I'll have so many toys for all of my pals. 
I have been a good girl for Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus.  I'm a good girl in preschool and I am going to teach Monkey Water how to do things.
Mommy wants a toy jack-o-lantern and Daddy wants a song on the iPad, like Bingo Was His Name-O.  I want a jack-o-lantern toy like Mommy has.  Do you remember? I want a jack-in-the-box that is a snowman. No, a clown. That goes POP! And a remote toy with a TV.  (That was a great one, Mom. Write that down.)  
I'll write another letter to Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus.  They're twins. 
I live in Boston. I love you. 

Sure Lucy, you've been stellar in preschool because you've NEVER BEEN THERE. And I don't have a toy jack-o-lantern or a jack-in-the-box.  Not a good idea to lie to Santa.

Now off to see if I can find a teeny tiny roll of toilet paper....


mic said…
i literally lol'd!
sarah said…
Love it! Nikki, if I come across any mini tp rolls I'll let ya know!
amy said…
I AM CRYING. literally laughing with tears and my stomach hurts. aaaaahahaha. I LOVE YOU LUCY. your bad dinosaur sounds rad, we'll come play with it!!

(srsly, we'll come visit soon. i owe you an emailz.)

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