Working on the weekend

I don't know about you, but I don't mind a weekend business meeting with the likes of these two.

Especially because the tiny executive on the right wears no pants.

I'm at the airport now jetting off to Dallas for a tradeshow.  Loving being back in the work saddle again, but I will miss those kiddos like crazy over the next few days.  (That said, I'm pretty sure Return of the Mack started blaring in the background when I hopped a taxi to the airport...)

Wish us all luck!


Anonymous said…
Can borrow lulu's headset and Fred's tie they appear to be movers and shakers. Love pop pop
Anonymous said…
Good luck to my Lucy tomorrow and to my man Fred for being the man of the house when Nat is gone and luck is in school lol!!!! Pop pop
Anonymous said…
lulu go to school today (Friday) miss her comments and pics love pop pop
bluejeanamy said…
I love your drunk blogging!! Glad you had a great trip xoxo
farzana hossain said…
I love your executives,too. Specially the pantless one!

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