Ode To Stevie

Between Project Runway and Top Chef there is a reality tv interregnum where I forfeit the remote to Nat and watch something like “Modern Marvels: Large Shovels” or Bill O’Reilly… zzzz… But last night was the season premier of Top Chef – this time in New York! Life is good again.

So now on Wednesday nights I’ll be parked in front of Stevie (the Teevie) because I don’t have TiVo! I know. I’m the only one left who can only watch shows in real time. You probably imagine someone without TiVo as someone who communicates via beeper or Zach Morris phone here in my banana clip and Keds. Let me assure you though, banana clip/Keds Nikki hasn’t been around in about 20 years!

Whatev. Stevie, 143.


k. mukai said…
Don't forget about your sister in Brooklyn without TiVo! Because TiVo requires cable, which I don't have.

I do, however, have a sick TV with a VHS player BUILT IN!
n-mukai said…
You are the only person i know who can watch Witch's Night Out! Because I tried to buy it and they don't make it in DVD. Bazooey!

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