Two Years, Two Months, and Forever....

Two years ago, Nat and I bought a loft together in an old Bra Factory (a-ha!) converted to condos in up-and-coming (read: ghetto?) East Boston. Two months ago, we had an amazing wedding. Now that our family lives all over the country – thanks Bauers, Joe, and Kristen, for making our days a little lonelier - we’ve decided to start this blog.

Who are we kidding; we’re doing it because we’re vain and we want an open forum to talk about ourselves. Oops sorry Nat… I’m supposed to say “I” not “we” on this blog… he’ll be adding posts himself. So,

HIIIIIEEEE – that’s me jumping on the blog-bandwagon. So if you’re here, you care a little something about our lives and therefore we’ll share with you the goings on in our little square of the Bra Factory. Let me warn you though, sometimes I’m a lady of half-measures so this might be my last post.


mic said…
yessssss. i will stalk your blog daily.
n-mukai said…
i stalk yours daily! and your last post.......egads.

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