Welcome to Taxachusetts

I live in Eastie, so although my address is “Boston”, I’m separated from the rest of town by water/tunnel/toll…

When I moved here in December 2006, the toll was $3. So EVERY TIME I wanted exit East Boston in a car, I needed 3 singles on hand (we could get EZ Pass, but that would be too easy). Shortly after, the toll was raised to $3.50. Recently I read that the toll is being raised to $7 in February with no resident exemption! And my blood starts to boil…

Mass just voted No on Question 1, proposed to eliminate all MA state tax. Supporters called state tax "wasteful". I voted to keep state tax (as did the majority) because in my city, MBTA and Turnpike are in major debt because of the Big Dig. The Big Dig – Have you heard of it? It only cost about 25 years, $22 billion and a few lives.

I’m wondering now where my state tax is going…

So now less people will be driving, more will be taking the T, and my commute just somehow got worse. I don’t enjoy being the 5’6” girl, ponytail wedged in the armpit of some burly man holding the pole above my head, or being stuck in a hug with the stranger who logically couldn’t fit on the train but decided to push on anyway. With an influx of new riders, how will I escape??? I was considering driving instead to cut my commute time in ¼ and eliminate my aggrivation (Boston drivers? Ain't nothin' compared to the Blue Line), but now the daily tolls will be more expensive than monthly parking!

It makes no sense, and Eastie is like what Southie used to be… not exactly the nicest part of town. Maybe the rest of Boston is trying to keep us out?? :(

Nat, keep those NY plates….


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