Observations of a CHO

It's only been one week, but LORD I did not expect to be this busy.  I have had a ton of errands to run, plus working in fun activities for Lucy, plus doctor appointments, food shopping, and doing the HOMELY duties expected of a CHO.  AHEM.  HUSBAND.  YOU HAVE GOTTEN MANY HEALTHY DELICIOUS DINNERS.

Most of the day is filled with fun stuff, so there's no way I can complain.  But week 1 presents itself with some challenges:

  • Expectations of how much you can complete in a day.  Imagine trying to protect a very fragile, very curious, danger seeking monkey all day long.  Turn your back for one second and she's hanging from the chandeliers while trying to put things in the outlets and juggling knives. 
  • The "work day" starts at 5 a.m. and ends at 8 p.m.  You're never "off".
  • I have to put my boss down for a nap before I can do things, like pee.  This does not happen in a corporate setting.
  • Adjusting to basically no internet time.  I miss the internet. (However I LOVE not sitting in front of my computer all day.  The Droid does the trick when we're hanging in the park.)
  • Lack of friends in like-situations... I'm currently cruising the parks of Boston for other CHOs. 
Those are the challenges of week 1, and as I have been told, there are certainly more ahead.  But nothing holds a candle to the Lucy time in the sunshine.  I'm convinced I have the best job in the world right now.

... And the little monkey is waking up now... so off we go!


mic said…
CHO takes a business trip to NYC in what? 12 days? eeee!!! can't wait!
amy said…
yes! there's totally gonna be a CHO conference in brooklyn june 17-20th. very important business!!

let's have a meeting via skype soon!
nikki said…
aimee.s.s. said…
I can't believe I just witnessed you call Lucy a Monkey! Mark your calendars :) Haha...enjoy Nikki, those of us stuck behind the glowing-screens of internet world miss you though!

Ooh Bonus, no expense reports post Business Trip!

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