One year old

Little Lucy!

Today you are ONE!

Every month I update with what you have learned and how you have grown (and boy, how you've learned and grown).  But I neglect to mention how much you have caused us to learn and grow - your dad and I - and how in one ridiculously short year, you have given us so very very much.

At this very moment last year, we were about 30 minutes into meeting you.  I was still being stitched up from the c-section, and your dad was holding you, whispering to you, and doing a little nervous dance around the room with a teeny tiny 6 1/2 lb you in his arms.

And just before heading off to work this morning, your dad scooped you up again for a little birthday dance, not realizing you had done this birthday dance before.  It was too sweet.  And you would have danced with him all day, but then you got tired and yawned, and rested your head on his shoulder.  Of course I sped for the camera, because I love how you two are so smitten with each other.  It makes me the happiest Mama.  (And because I neglected to say it here: Happy *FIRST* Father's Day to my husband, Nat, who has proven to be even more of an amazing human being than I thought.)

Right now you are napping, with a fun day ahead.  You tired yourself out this morning with all of your running around, and holding up your first finger to show us how old you are!   I hope this first year has been as amazing to you as it has been for us.   Lucy, we couldn't love you more.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUCY LOUISE!!  

And now please enjoy one million photos from this morning.  I CAN'T HELP IT.

Good morning!  I'm ONE!

The face of a girl who knows it's her birthday.  As you can see, she just did some jell-o shots.

One of her fav bday gifts she received this year. (Thanks C, R, S, & M!)

After a breakfast of blueberry pancakes, blueberry yogurt, and a side of fresh blueberries and strawberries (for a girl whose favorite thing is - you guessed it - blueberries) time for the 1 year photo shoot!


Amanda said…
Happy Birthday Lucy! I LOVE her dress, how cute! I also love that she's still a baby and has her own baby now :)
Northwoods Girl said…
Oh Little Lu! You're just as adorable today as you were one year ago. Happy Birthday!
MegElizabeth said…
happy birthday, you jello-shot-shootin fool! party so hard you won't be able to remember the day you turned 1!! (i know i can't remember...)
LTB said…
Happy 1st Birthday Lucy!
Beth in SF said…
Yay! Happy birthday Lucy!

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