OMG how many posts can I start with "SORRY I HAVE NOT BEEN BLOGGING".

Add one!  Today's excuse:

I don't know if it's a surprise to you, but it's a surprise to me that I WAS SO MUCH LESS BUSY AS GLOBAL EVENTS PROGRAM MANAGER (Full-time) THAN I CURRENTLY AM AS CHO (Full-time, day and night, 24/7, forevs, eternity, or until the end of the world).

For any of you that think I'm on a permanent vacation, let me tell you that the other day I turned my back for ONE SECOND to grab her stroller, and I turned around and she was 6 stairs up our death-trap-terrible-parenting staircase.  This is while Nat was home, so even 2 against 1, she saw that brief window where we both blinked simultaneously while the stair gate was down (NEVER HAPPENS) and zipped right up.  In socks.  So apparently she's proficient in stair climbing and in inducing heart attacks.

The rest proceeded in slow motion.

Me: OH MY GOD. *while running to get her from downstairs*

Nat: OH MY GOD. *while running to get her from upstairs*


... ugh.  She didn't fall though - she was just kind of looking at us like LOOKIE!  CLAP FOR ME, I JUST FIGURED OUT ANOTHER THING!

I made it to her first, grabbed her arm through the railing and brought her down the stairs (all the while, she's pissed that I'm not gloating about another accomplishment.)  I look up at Nat and somehow in the frenzy he has DISLOCATED HIS ARM.

He's trying to reattach his arm and I'm holding on to Lucy, trying to figure out when our new baby cuddly quiet home turned into a three ring circus.  Then Nat, both arms in place, took Lucy for a walk while I shook like a leaf for a half an hour.

So yea, gotta get back to her!  Talk to you... soon???


Elisa said…
Nikki - you are not alone. I was babysitting for my then 18 month old sister and turned to answer the phone and when I turned around she was gone. Where did she go? My dad had taught her to crawl down the stairs (we lived in a tri-level townhouse) - didn't tell me that one as I proceeded shouting out her name and running up and down the stairs crying out her name until I finally gave up and sat down. Then this small little head with a cheshire grin peaked from the corner saying, "Here I am sissy!" Babysitting Services took me out in a stretcher that day - ha! miss ya!
Nikki said…
Hahah oh man. Can't wait for that to happen. When she starts disappearing on me, I think I'll start to drink heavily.
Felecity said…
I've been following your blog for a while and I just love your "in-real-voice" writing style. Hilarious! Glad Lucy is ok and hoping your hubby's arm snapped back in place.
Juro said…
Why does this sound eerily familiar? You were the toddler equivalent of the roadrunner cartoon, and very creative in the kitchen! :)

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