It's like middle school all over again.

I need friends.  (With kids, that is.)

We have met a lot of nice moms/babies at Lucy's playgroups (and started a new one this week in a new neighborhood, so we'll see?), but so far there have been a lot of nannies and a lot of moms that for some reason we haven't jived with enough that I could see us getting together outside of the playgroups.  WHERE ARE THE OTHER PEOPLE LIKE ME???  Oh yea, they don't have kids.

So now when I'm cruising for moms at the playground, it's more like we are onlookers to other moms and kids, and I'm on the sidelines palms sweating, checking to make sure I don't have any sandwich in my teeth, smoke coming out of my head while my brain burns trying to think of a witty opening line to ensure that we'll all be friends for life.

Here's hoping all of your birth control fails and you'll be joining my circle soon.  Heh.


Not a lot of our friends have kids, and those that do have older kids, so I was in your boat too. I found it helpful to go to EVERY kid group activity, never say no to an invitation, you never know when you'll hit it off with some other parents. I went to a new parent group at a little cafe, and I am now super good friends with 7 people who I met, directly or indirectly, through those "meetings".
amy said…
please please please MOVE HERE.

how much fun would we have?!?!

i agree with beth's advice...i think we just have to go go go to all this shit. and also i'm trying to be more relaxed about it, like i'm looking for a boyfriend or something. because when i was 'looking for a boyfriend' (that sounds weird), i wasn't weird and frantic like i can get now. i was sort of like 'oh, i'd like to date someone' and then i'd sort of put that energy out there and it would end up happening.

so now my strategy is look un-crazy (aka wash my hair), go to things even if i don't want to, and try not to talk so much when i do find someone nice.

i even met someone yesterday with my new plan! of course i talked too much, but hopefully she still wants to hang.
CH said…
Pay me a decent salary and I'll just NOT WORK AND HANG OUT WITH YOU! Can we make that happen??
Nikki said…
@Beth - you are so right - Lucy and I are doing a lot more structured activity this fall and literally FILLING our days, which I HOPE helps! This summer has been filled with trips to the cape and the beach and not really meeting people...


@Caroline - we need to make this happen! Haha at least a day here and there?????
Fritzy said…
Find me a rent-a-kid option and I'll be on that playground faster than you can say "cheese and skinny jeans."
aimee.s.s. said…
If I didn't know you better, I'd be looking over my shoulder at all times "Here's hoping all of your birth control fails and you'll be joining my circle soon. Heh."

I wish I could come and just play with you guys all the time too! Or drive out to the burbs and I can intro you to my baby filled circle out this way.
Nikki said…
Let's make it happen Aimee!!
hxcsteffers said…
" Here's hoping all of your birth control fails and you'll be joining my circle soon. Heh"

Amazing haha! I do not have children and my friends are recent mother's so I'm the outcast now. But I think that's how they feel towards me! Your blog is great!

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