Our week in pictures

We started off last weekend with a little Blue's Clues...

Then headed to my uncle's house on a farm for family time and a big farm fresh meal.  This is the same place we took her photo for her Christmas card!  Beautiful scenery, rolling hills, and sunsets.

Then Lucy and I went down the Cape with my mom, where Lucy exemplified attitude and rainbow stripes.  She was all smiles, except for when I broke out the camera.  ENOUGH MOM.  

And the best part?  Nat is taking a few days off from work, so the last few days were spent lazy-like strolling the marina with my sun kissed loves.

Did I say lazy-like?  I meant doing more work in the apartment... This week's project is building some storage space upstairs where there was none.  Will post pics.


Anonymous said…
We did have a great time! Still down the Cape....you are welcome to join us. Storm Earl is over and the sun is out.

Love, Mom
mic said…
i want to come over to your house and watch Blue Clues, k?

little lucy is too cute for words! the curls kill me.

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