Hats, coats, sneakers.

We have emerged from our terrible colds!  Nat's finger is less scary! We've actually been OK for a few days now, and it seems that during those few days we were holed up on a pile of tissues and cough drop wrappers, summer snuck out the back door.

I love fall.  The weather, the cooking, the sweaters and boots, the exciting back-to-school nostalgia and that feeling of a cycle that will probably always make me love fall the most.  But the pessimist in me can't fully enjoy it because fall is kind of like Sunday night... there's that nagging feeling that the worst is right around the corner.

What I mean by that is that winter in Boston is a cold version of hell.  Once the snow comes I will lock myself in this apartment and come May I will look like the rapper Joaquin Phoenix.

Anyway, we were lucky enough to squeeze in one last weekend at the Cape before the fall.  And I'm hoping for another weekend or two before it gets too cold... Nothing wrong with bundling up a little for the beach.

OK this whole blog post was basically just an excuse for me to post pictures of Lucy in her adorable Bad Hair Day hat.


Fritzy said…
Adore the rockstar chucks. What a trendy little lady!
melissa d. said…
i just found your blog on top baby. your family is so cute, can't wait to follow along!
Anonymous said…
Come on down! Always plenty of room

Love, Nanny
LHV said…
You can tell how far behind I am in life (i.e. anything that doesnt involve work) that I missed this awesome pic of Lu in her FRESH FROM LONDON finest!! Woop Woop. Classy lady, that one.

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