Where to buy your diapers

Well I guess I don’t mean your diapers. If you’re wearing diapers, you probably aren’t buying them for yourself. This is where I buy diapers. I do not wear diapers.

I buy them for Lucy… and boy does she go through them quickly. Babies can go through 8-10 diapers per day (this is normal), so I don’t understand why they sell them in packs of 36! As if that does me any good. So I decided to get ahead of the game and start ordering in bulk online.  I also whipped out my calculator to find out where I can get the most for the cheapest. Here’s the research.

THE GOAL: Buy Pampers Swaddlers Size 1 in bulk (216-pack) and any unscented Pampers Wipes in bulk (770-pack) for the cheapest price.

THE CONTENDERS: The online stores of Diapers.com, Babies R’Us, and Amazon.com.

- 216 Pampers Swaddlers Extra Large Case Diapers = $41.99
- Pampers Aloe Wipes - Unscented - 770 Count Refill = $25.99
- Free 1-2 day shipping for purchases over $49
- The Bonuses: Automatic $2 coupon for diapers, new customer $5 discount, and these coupons were offered up by the Web site – I didn’t have to do any searching for them.
TOTAL = $60.98

Babies R Us
- 216 Pampers Swaddlers Extra Large Case Diapers = $40.99
- Did not carry 770-ct, carried pampers sensitive baby wipes 512 ct = $15.99
- Shipping = $12.00
TOTAL = $68.98 ($8 more for 258 fewer wipes!)

- 216 Pampers Swaddlers Extra Large Case Diapers (Size 1) = $41.99
- Pampers Aloe Wipes - Unscented - 770 Count Refill = $25.92
- Free shipping
TOTAL = $67.91 (Essentially the same as Diapers.com, but ends up $7.91 more expensive because no coupons are readily offered by the Web site.)


When I wasn’t buying online, I was going to CVS every few days and after this math, I realized that CVS prices are crazy. They don’t sell the 216-diaper bulk pack, so I was buying in packs of 36 for $11.99 which breaks down to $.33 per diaper instead of $.19 for the stores online. For wipes, the largest package you can buy is 231 for $7.99. It breaks down to $.03 per wipe (same as online), but if you’re getting diapers online and shipping is free, you might as well save yourself the trip. The other great thing about Diapers.com is that they have baby clothes like Carter's and Gerber for super cheap that you can throw in there as well.

So like a true mom I say: COUPONS ARE KEY. And lookey here, I’ve got one for you.  If you are making your first purchase from diapers.com, use promo code BRAFACTORY and receive $10 off your first order.  And believe it or not, Diapers.com is not incenting me in any way to write this.  It's legitimately my own homework. But hey Diapers.com, if you want to send me another truckload of diapers I mean, I'll take them...

My shipment came today and let me tell you – there is little more wonderful than having a stockpile of diapers and wipes to last me a good 3 weeks (wait really, that’s it?). PEACE OF MIND I tell you.


Uncle Frank the Builder said…
I would not put that calculator away just yet..
How about a cloth diaper service???????
Lulu needs to consider the environment….
Also don’t stock up to far in advance her little
bum will outgrow them then that will really screw
up the bulk purchase cost savings….
After Lulu solves our global economic crisis
we are currently in maybe she can write a
sliding scale logarithm to calculate her per
diaper lifetime cost. Lulu keep in mind as the
diapers get bigger you get less per package.
I see an early potty training your future….
amy said…
thanks, nik! i've heard great things about diaper.com, but you gave me some concrete evidence for when the time comes...

and @uncle frank - i think cloth diaper services are great and plan on using one AFTER my baby is a newborn. from what i've heard/read they go through waaaaaaaaaay too many dipes in the early months for the extra work...
Nikki said…
i'm just afraid of cloth diapers because i feel like in between pick ups my apartment is going to smell like poo.
Beth in SF said…
This is great info! I have often wondered if I could do better with Amazon or Diapers.com and now I know!
kellytirman said…
great review -- thank you.
Jessie said…
thanks for the post Nikki. I plan to have a baby in the next year or so, this is helpful for me. I am considering cloth diapers also though. I will check out diapers.com! I found some good information on www.babyzone.com about cloth diapers. I also read great reviews about them on Targets website.

Also, I agree with Amy,...no cloth diapers for newborns! Once they are bigger I think cloth diapers would be fine.
this is so interesting, thanks for sharing!
Barb said…
Diapers.com also does price comparison too I believe. So you can save even more money. ;)

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