Vacation recap

Last week, Nat, Lucy and I took our first vacation as a family down to Rehoboth Beach in Delaware. It was my first time to that part of the country and I learned two things: (1) Rehoboth Beach is a beautiful and nostalgic place to vacation in summer. The old arcade on the boardwalk with the old carousel, the taffy sign, and the long stretch of ocean are picturesque. I wish I took pictures. (2) it’s way too freaking far of a drive from Boston. Had I over thought it, I may not have gone… And 10 hours of car travel with a newborn is NUTS!

Lucy slept almost the whole time we were in the car, which made us happy but suspicious… but she was pretty wound up once we got there and had a day of wacky sleep habits and crankiness while she readjusted. Poor kiddo. However, we had an awesome week. Lucy had great bonding time with friends and family, and we all had a lot of much needed sun and good food. We even had a chef come in one night and cook the 10 of us dinner at the house which was amazing – shrimp bruschetta, crab and pineapple appetizers, filet mignon, crab cakes, salad, pasta, and a fresh peach cobbler which we enjoyed on the porch. We’re so fancy.

It was so relaxing. Oh except for when we had to take Lucy to the ER… I'll tell you now that she’s fine so you don’t do like I do, which is sweat bullets and shit bricks until you are certain everything is OK.

Nat is truly a wonderful and loving father to Lucy, but let's just say that he expresses that love in ways OTHER than diaper changing and pretty much leaves all of the diaper changes to me. So when Lucy needed a change during dinner, I was more than happy to let him volunteer. Of course this is when he finds it. Two little streaks of blood in her diaper. He called me into the room and even though it was a very small amount and my rational brain told me it’s no reason to freak out, the mother monster in my head says HERE ARE YOUR DASHED DREAMS IN A DOODY DIAPER! ALL YOU WANT IN THIS LIFE IS FOR LUCY TO BE HEALTHY AND HAPPY AND YOU LOSE!

So we called the on-call clinician at her pediatrician’s office, who said it’s no cause for worry for one diaper, but to call back if it happened again. And it did, more this time, so she sent us to the ER. Lucy checked out to be perfectly fine though – diagnosis: bum scratch. We took her to her pediatrician when we came back and she agreed that it’s nothing to worry about, just a small healing scratch from her over-achieving and fantastic ability to poop like a professional.

She doesn’t do the doo in her sleep, so I think perhaps she was making up for lost time for sleeping all night, then all day during the drive to Delaware. On the way back, we made sure to take long stops for breaks and food so she could be awake and feel normal and you know, not shit blood, which was great. She didn’t have a rough adjustment once we got back home.

Despite the harried night, it was a great vacation. Lucy took her first few trips to the beach, lots of walks and open air, and lots of time with family. We’re spending time on Cape Cod this weekend with family – leaving in a few hours. NO DRAMA THIS TIME PLEASE.


sarasophia said…
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sarasophia said… in the world did I delete my first comment??...


I don't know if my nerves would have survived your vacation event.

Lucy sure is special...four children and not one instance of bloody poop.

I have so spawned underachievers.

--prepare yourself for Lucy's inevitable announcement of her intent to run for the presidency in 2012 (because she can totally be president at 3, right?)
mic said…
good update...i have been happily stalking your blog for news.

i'm glad Lucy is OK!

amy said…
I just got a vicarious heart attack...

How'm I gonna deal with things like that when they happen to me?!

Can I just call you and you can calm me down? Because you sound so calm and I'm very impressed.

So glad it was just an ouchie bum!

Have fun on the Cape!!!

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