Best ever.

Lucy will be 12 weeks old on Tuesday, but won’t be three calendar months old until the week after, on September 23rd. That means I have a little bit longer until I’ll call her 3 months old. SOMEBODY PLEASE STOP TIME because it’s going by way too fast! Her amazing newbornness is quickly disappearing (as is my maternity leave...) and she seems so much older. It feels like our stay in the hospital when we were first getting to know each other was a million years ago. At 11 ½ weeks, Lucy has learned so much and is so different – which is equally the saddest and best thing ever.

OK I’m going to say it's a little more on the best-thing-ever side.

Lucy is a total morning person. She fusses a little to wake me up and the minute I rescue her from her crib and swaddle, she starts smiling like crazy. Every single morning. Let me tell you, there is absolutely nothing better than waking up to that gummy grin. With the bed hair, groggy eyes, milk crusties around her mouth, grinning like a fool and OH MY GOOD GOD I LOVE THAT GIRL. You’d be so embarrassed if you knew the ridiculous things I do sometimes to draw out her smiles.

Another new thing is the talking. No words yet, but when I get her attention and start talking to her, she will focus on my words and start talking back. She has “goo”, “guh”, “ohh”, and sometimes “wow”. She doesn’t have a clue what she’s saying, she’s just making noises back to me, but nonetheless it’s conversation. I just hope I’m not saying anything offensive in the official language of the Ferrante household, which has recently changed from English to Goo-goo.

Physically, she's growing too. She almost has full head control and she loves it when we help her stand up. And she’s now wearing her 3-month clothing!!! She also loves bath time, books, and walks outside. Hmm, this is starting to read like a personal ad... HAPPY CUDDLEBUG SEEKS LOVING COMPANION WITH BIG TITS. Oh, and did I mention she doesn’t have any nursing challenges anymore?

And most recently, she started LAUGHING. Just a little, when she’s in one of those smile-crazy moods. I caught it on camera about a week and a half ago and I can’t wait for more.


Anonymous said…
All I can say.....WOW! I love you!!

Nana Sue
She is the funniest kid......We are sooooooooooo blessed!!!!!!!
mic said…
what an amazing post! i am dying to see you both!

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