(Finally!) Christmas wrap-up

Having little Lucy around has made me nostalgic of all of those Christmases as a kid, when I was so excited to get my stocking and see what was under the tree, see if our cookies were enjoyed, and try to assess which of the three of us was the best all year.  (It was always my little sister.)

I have been enjoying all the nostalgia a baby brings since little Lu was born.  Especially around the holidays... but I didn't expect that having Lucy around would make being Santa so much more fun than receiving him way back when.  I was giddier this Christmas than I could ever remember.

As per usual, Lucy celebrated the holiday x10.  First, Christmas Eve in New York.  Which might as well have been Christmas day, since Santa kindly left her a full sleigh load a day early... including an easel, crayons, and fantastic hats.  Santa must have been paying attention to Lucy's love for penguins!

Crayons. Cousins. Cute little hats.

Our tuckered-out and smiling girl fell right asleep when we hopped in the car and headed back home that night!  We couldn't miss Christmas morning in our own home with presents under Lucy's Christmas tree!  Santa struck again...

(She wanted to play with each toy instead of open the rest, so it was almost 2011 before she had unwrapped everything under the tree.)

Then later Christmas day, we were off to see my side of the family outside of Boston... Lucy got to see not only my mom's side of the family, but also my dad's side later that day, which was a real treat since my grandmother is here from Tokyo.  It might be accurate to say that our Christmas spirit can be measured in penguins.   I believe we have more penguins than the southern hemisphere.  And Lucy could not be happier!

Much love to everyone who made this Christmas so special!  Especially you, little penguin lover.


Anonymous said…
The flannel and tutu make a great statement

Pop Pop
aimee.s.s. said…
Awwww, Thank you for posting these -- she's so sweet. I love that she loves penguins :)!! AND I love love love her hat! Do they come in "big head" sizes?
Fritzy said…
I want to bite that last picture it's so cute.
Bob lehcror said…
That's great! You should call the penguin Tux after the linux penguin! Looks just the same

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