Introduction to Play-Doh

Oh man am I slow to crawl back from my holiday vacation from the Internets.  Let's just say that Lucy's overwhelming validation that she was indeed good all year is keeping us very busy.  Today's vice?  Play-Doh.

And just to keep in good graces with Mr. Claus, the whole time she was playing with it, she kept saying: "THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!"


aimee.s.s. said…
DUDE! In the background...the Roadie, inflatable horse :) Does Lucy like it? I bought one for another little gal, and I'm not sure she's gotten the hang of it quite yet!

Futhermore, Lucy is adorable -- and where are all the gratuitous pictures you've promised :)

(Yes, I did 'Dude' you in your blog was out of enthusiasm)
amy said…
that cracks me up!!

ooo i wanna know about the inflatable horse thing, too.

and! tell me about the striped tights/legwarmers -- i love!!
Nikki said…
Lucy loves her Rody horse! They have one at her playgroup so she's really familiar with it. I think any toy from her playgroup minus competition is like heaven for her. But it's awesome, she sits on it and bounces and grins like crazy.

@amy -leggings from the gap! they just look like tights and legwarmers :) Love the gap.
Trish said…
Okay, this picture wants me to reschedule our playdate for tomorrow she is so dang cute!! Are you around next Monday or Tuesday? I need some Lucy/Bryden time, I have a feeling it is going to be fantastic. We have a Rody as well so she can bounce, bounce, bounce all around Casa Tobin!
Anonymous said…
I love the fact she is a lefty!!!!!!!!!!
Pop Pop
sandra said…
Precious! Love that PlaTo smell!
Juro said…
Love that Lu! BTW - she's well on her way to a brunette Shirley Temple hairdo :)

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