Yesterday was the coldest day in Boston in SIX YEARS... But that didn't stop us.  There was dance class, there were errands, and there was a severe hankering for Indian food.

Here's what she wore:
- diaper
- long-sleeve super warm onesie
- long-sleeve super thick cardigan
- leggings
- holiday themed leg warmers
- sweat pants
- socks
- sneakers
- warmest jacket
- fleece mittens
- gigantic knit penguin on head
- bink (for lip protection)

I think she was the only one sweating in the -30 degrees or whatever it was.


amy said…
i LOVE this picture! what a delicious sweet potato!

i have such fun putting insane layers on harper -- she gets all rolypoly and sweaty and sausage-like. mmm.
LimpyJo said…
Haha! She looks a real little penguin! ;) Good Mommy! We are in MI and it got cooooold this weekend, too, and I was shocked at what I saw some parents letting their kids out in! (The no-zipping-up-the-jacket thing irks me the most!)
Trish said…
My mom would be so proud of you. She claims that mommies in this day and age don't pay enough attention to temperature control with their children. So big kudos to you and a big kiss to that cutie pie of yours! And we're in for Friday - I'll email you!!
Amanda said…
I can't put my arms down!!
Fritzy said…
Didn't think it was possible, but Lucy keeps getting even cuter.

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