These are the moments...

Hello from the beach, friends!

Last week, Lucy and I snuck down the Cape with my mom and grandmother during the week while Nat travelled.  It felt so good to take a couple of WEEK DAYS to spend at the beach!  And hey, Nat's traveling this week too, so we did it again. 

The beach is Lucy's favorite place on earth.  She never tires of playing in the sand, splashing in the waves, and collecting rocks and shells.  So cute.  And I never tire of taking her to the beach.  Little sun child, she is.

Before we left, I was rushing in and out of the apartment saying "I FORGOT SOMETHING!" grabbing this or that.  Lucy then told me she forgot something, and had to go in to get it.  OK Lu, I'll wait right here.  Some toy or stuffed animal, obviously.

No.  She came down the stairs with three over sized googly eyes affixed to her forehead.  Seriously guys, what if we forgot those!  She slept the whole drive down, eyes closed, googly eyes rolling at my every bump or turn.  STOP CRITICIZING ME, GOOGLY EYES.

I'm watchin you.


mic said…
one day, when lucy is in high school, you're going to get a call from her in the middle of the day, asking if you can excuse her from class so she can come home and change out of chocolate-stained clothes.
sarah said…
laughing so hard! i mean.... you cant go to the cape w/out your 3 extra eyes!!
Trish said…
Haha. She cracks me up.
nikki said…
@MIC- My mom and I just had a good laugh about this! And I re-enacted it this morning with yogurt. What is wrong with me.
Anonymous said…
To funny! Thanks for always making me laugh!

Love, Mom

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