Boy, oh boy.

Popping in to say hello!  I've been spending so much time working/toddlering/pregging/holidaying/etc that I'm never here and let's face it, it may be another month or two before I update you again.  However, the company I work for has just been acquired and since I'm an independent contractor, it seems I'll have a lot of time on my hands all of a sudden!  Perhaps I will blog more.  Looking for a job while 7+ months pregnant will be fun.  Hey, how's your maternity leave?

Somehow this pregnancy is moving by at lightning speed.  I'm now 29 weeks and had my second sonogram yesterday.  There were a couple of items we needed to check-out following our first appointment... Once again I had a low-lying placenta, which is now resolved.  I had this with Lucy so I wasn't too concerned.  The second item was a cyst found on the baby's brain, which also resolved, so no worry.  Apparently these appear in a certain amount of babies at the 20 week ultrasound, and can be a trisomy marker (DO NOT google that) but almost always go away.  We also knew that there are significant other trisomy markers visible at 20 weeks that our sonogram did not show, so all reason told us not to worry.  However we kept that info to ourselves so as to not worry the people around us.

There's just so much available information now, it's hard not to find something to worry about.

This sonogram showed a perfectly healthy baby - who is still a boy!  (I asked for re-confirmation since we've all heard of someone who expected one gender and the baby was another...)  He moves all the time, has a loud thumping healthy heartbeat, and one heck of a cute profile.  Here's the healthy little guy:

Saying hi to his sister, the little ham.  All is well with 11 weeks to go!  Now just need to figure out a name... We're hoping to think of a more fitting replacement for Lucy's pick, "Monkey Water".  So far, MW is all we got.

And for funsies!  FLASHBACK TO 29 WEEKS WITH LUCY.  Also a sonogram shot! They could be twins, no?


Amanda said…
So glad the appt. went well. It's so scary when they tell you "something" may be wrong. He looks just like a boy in that picture, and definitely related to Lucy!

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