I FORGOT THE DAMN MONITOR AND THE NIGHT LIGHT! I just wish it had occurred to me to bring them in the first place... notice they're not on my trusty list. It's the getting here and realizing I should have thought of it because I need a way to see her when I'm trying to have (dare I say) ADULT TIME and/or needing a light to change a night time diaper. A light that doesn't say GOOD MORNING WAKE UP LETS PARTY.

And I'm going to bed. That 9.5 hour drive is BRUTAL. SO BRUTAL, IN FACT, THAT I CAN'T STOP USING ALL CAPS.


sarasophia said…
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sarasophia said…
Oh dear.
I still go weak-kneed at the thought of forgetting our white noise machine for MY SEVEN YEAR OLD when we go out of town.

So I definitely feel your pain.
dmbthree said…
How about a flashlight to use for the night-light?

I feel your pain - there is always something that I forget...
Uncle Frank the Builder said…
That "absolute ass crack of dawn"
(I love that line) will get ya everytime.

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