Griswalds like us

Tomorrow at the absolute ass crack of dawn, the Ferrante family is packing up the car and driving down to Rehoboth Beach for a week long vacation with family and friends. That means today’s challenge is packing... Packing for me – easy. Packing for Lucy? This requires spreadsheets and moral support, I think.

The list:
  • Umpteen onesies (if you didn’t believe me that I’m a mom, I just proved it by using the word umpteen. Or maybe I just proved I’m a grandmother.)

  • Enough diapers and wipes to fill a swimming pool

  • Pack & Play crib

  • Baby tub, soap, towels, wash cloths

  • Bouncy seat

  • Boppy

  • Blankets, burp cloths

  • Some toys

  • Baby first aid kit, Aquafor, A+D

  • SPF hat

  • All the bottles, storage, pump, and feeding stuff

  • Travel size Dreft

  • Her vitamins

  • Stroller, sun shade, rain guard

  • Sleep positioner

  • Swaddlers

What am I forgetting??

We don’t have an SUV, so I’m not quite sure how this is all going to work out. I’m trying to think of space saving ideas... the only ones I’ve come up with are to pack things in the stroller and to use the frozen breast milk as ice packs. REALLY THAT’S IT.

And the couple of things we’re leaving here, I’m not sure how we’re going to live without. WHERE WILL I PUT HER DIAPERS IF NOT IN A DIAPER CHAMP? Good luck to you, housemates. Don’t forget to bring a clothespin for your nose.


mic said…
have fun on vacay!
Uncle Frank the Builder said…

How did the settlers of this USA ever
cross the great planes. How about you think of
this as your own little manifest destiny of
vacation land. Have a great time and trust me
vacations will get better, this ones going to
be all about the learning curve of baby travel.

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