Hellooooo Housewife

Yea, I know it’s only maternity leave. Three months, one quarter, one-third of a pregnancy... But 6 weeks in, I’m starting to internalize this role of at home mom/wife and I'm picking up some new traits...

You guys know me. You know I swear and like tequila and have been called a “domestic deficit” more than once by my husband. I can't cook for anything, nor can I sew a button back on if one falls off my favorite shirt, et cetera. But Lucy has transformed me. 2008 Nikki would cross the street if 2009 Nikki was walking in her direction because I talk to Lucy in silly voices. I bounce her in my arms and sing her Simon and Garfunkel songs in public. I will shove my blackberry in your face and make you watch a full slideshow of Lucy pictures.

And she has made me the best thing that I am: a mom.

In this momly transformation, I seem to have picked up some other mom qualities... For example: I THINK I CAN NOW COOK. Yesterday I whipped up a brunch for Nat’s birthday and surprised us both with how edible it was. I made shrimp molletes (like a shrimp and avocado bruschetta, which we ate a lot of on our honeymoon in Mexico), and “Specials” which are pastry-less egg/bacon turnovers, a recipe I got from my friend Caroline. The breakfast was amazing. Turns out I didn’t even have to get us tipsy on bloody marys first in order to eat it. The night before, I made salmon burgers with avocado and red onion on an organic egg bun. DELICIOUS.

And today, I baked a pie. It's cooling on the windowsill with white squiggly cartoon lines coming out of it so I haven’t tasted it yet, but it looks and smells delicious. Here’s the recipe in case you’re curious. That’s right, I actually made the crust and I have the ingredients for fresh whipped cream in the fridge and vanilla bean ice cream in the freezer. Nat really won the wife lottery, right???

So it seems motherhood and at-home housewifery brings out new things. Some good (food) and some not so good... like how I can say "placenta" or "breast milk", or talk about poop colors loudly at a restaurant and not realize until someone shoots me a look.

I'm enjoying the transformation, but someone please give me a sharp nudge if I start wearing these:


Beth in SF said…
LOL Mom Jeans. Classic.

I went back to work after 2 months leave and then promptly quit a month later. I like being a mommy more than I liked that job :)
Jessie said…
lol, great video.

I am currently trying to decide if I am ready to be a mom. I used to never even want kids, and all the sudden I turned 27 years old and it hit me like a ton of bricks! I liked this post, because I think what is happening to you, is going to be me in a year or so! :) lol

NO MOM JEANS!!!!!!!!!
amy said…
i love the new nikki!

p.s. mail me a piece of pie please?
Fritzy said…
how is it that your posts make me both laugh and cry? i'm a kooky rollercoaster ride of emotions

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