The life of a 5-week old

Lucy kicked off her one-month birthday (July 23) with a cake from Ojiichan – her grandfather, my father – which we enjoyed on her behalf since she has no teeth or ability to use a fork.

Her 4th and 5th weeks have had three momentous firsts... in chronological order:

First tub bath!
For the first 4 weeks we gave her sponge baths only, even after her umbilical cord stump fell off. Before coming home from the hospital, a nurse gave us a tub bath demo and she screamed through the whole thing… However at home, she loves it. Now we just have to figure out how to teach her not to pee in the place she loves.

First smile!
Most of her smiles are while she’s dozing off to sleep (like this one), but I have had the insane privelage of being on the receiving end of two wide-awake BIG smiles. It is the most wonderful thing. You’re an ass hole if you’re going to tell me the simultaneous poop explosion had something to do with it.

First time at a bar!
Lucy joined us to celebrate at the rehearsal dinner of our newlywed friends, Andrew and Hilary. She was so well behaved during the rehearsal and dinner and drinks to follow. We have no pictures documenting this because she doesn’t like to be photographed with the Asian glow.


aimee.s.s. said…
She just keeps getting cuter Nikki! I'm glad you are breaking her in to bar life early -- it will give her an head start on learning to counter/hide the glow...

The updates though, are the highlight of Tuesdays -- keep 'em coming :)...
mic said…
AHHHHH so cute, i can't take all the cuteness!
Lindsey said…
I love the tubby picture. She is very cute!

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