3rd time's the charm

We had a complete 180 last night with Lucy’s solid food. On day 3 of rice cereal, she stopped grimacing and turning away from the spoon.  Instead, she climbed up a 100-foot ladder onto a small diving board, dove into her bowl, did a quick backstroke, pulled a straw out of her swim cap and drank the bowl dry.  And that's only a slight exaggeration.

She doesn't quite have the mechanics down, though. I could tell you how much cereal I fed her, but I couldn't tell you how much she actually ate.  Judging by the looks of her bib after a feeding, it's not even close to the whole thing.  I need to get this on video so you can see how ridiculously awesome this all is.  Lucy dinner time might now be my favorite time of day. 


amy said…

also - pleeeeeeeeze post a video (!!)

also - you MUST be putting false eyelashes on her. stop lying to me.
Looks interested in eating, cheeky...Love, POP POP
OMG, priceless!! Yay for Lucy!!

You've inspired us to start the cereal soon too - just placed our diapers.com order for some Happy Bellies! :)
Anonymous said…
OMG I can't stop looking at this awesome photo!
SO beautiful!!! my heart feels warm and fuzzy!

Love Nana Sue

I luv family!

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