Swiftly approaching baldness...

It’s been way too long since I’ve had my hair cut. My bangs are fully grown out and my formerly shaggy ‘do is now Kardashian-long (but not Kardashian-beautiful). I’ve been using the rationale that I can keep it going because I just tie it up in a knot since I work from home... And also because Lucy likes to grab fistfuls of hair and rip it out of my head, waving it around and screaming. But that’s not why I’m going bald. (Also, I will get a hair cut soon.)

I heard from other moms that a few months after having a baby, their hair started falling out in clumps. And mine is now, in CLUMPS I tell you.  It’s like I'm living a horror movie in the shower every morning. It has been going strong for a few MONTHS now and I don’t know how it’s possible that I still have any hair left on my head. But don’t get me wrong, it is noticeably thinner. And all of a sudden my apartment has a black shag carpet.  Nice visual, right?

Forget being 10 lbs heavier than before, having a different (worse) figure, and less time to go to the gym. Now, hair loss. Having a baby sure takes a physical toll.  Top of my Christmas list this year?  A NORMAL HAIR SITUATION please.  On the upside, they said it all grows back (but at the same time), so I'll basically have a short haircut on top of whatever long hairs are left.  Hello mullet!

Is this what I get for telling Nat to please never lose his hair?


Beth in SF said…
Oh yeah, that happened to me too. I'd have to clean the shower drain twice before getting out! Never happened to any women in my life who had kids, so I had no idea! But don't fret, it does stop after a few months, and grows back in!
Nikki said…
How long before it stops? I read 6 mo, but we're there and no end in sight...
Still beautiful to all of us, and look at the prize (Lucy Louise)

Pop Pop
First of all you look fabulous - crazy woman ;).

But I'll join you in your lament... I swear my bathroom floor looks like a salon every morning, regardless of how much we vacuum. I thought I would sneak through with keeping those luscious pregnancy locks but around three months it kicked-in... I think it's slowing down now that we're at five... if not, Sylvie and I will be matching baldies soon!

Hang in there - last I checked I haven't seen too many bald new moms, so I'm sure there's hope for us :).
Beth in SF said…
Um, I think it was maybe 3-4 months, 6 months is probably the outside figure...But it goes so FAST with that little one around :)

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