Six months old

My little Lucy,

On the day before Christmas Eve, you turned 6 months old! Happy half-birthday, little bug. I took a moment to look back on some of the pictures of you from the summer, when we brought you home at 5 and a half pounds. Wow, you were so small and so different. You were a tiny helpless cuddleful lump of love. I would hold you and look at your tiny sleeping face amazed at how fragile you were, with millions of cartoon hearts popping out of my head. Just look how tiny you once were!

And now, you are far from a lump. You can do so much now, it’s impossible to list the things you’ve learned. There are some big milestones though. You are eating FOOD! Rice cereal, peas (your favorite), and now carrots (not your favorite). Later this week we are going to try sweet potatoes… oh I bet you’ll love those. You are an amazing eater. Wonder where you get that from…?

You are curious about EVERYTHING. Anything we touch, any food we eat, whatever we are doing, you want to do too. Which means you’ve taken a real liking to the blackberry and the TV remote. Um, I mean the encyclopedia and the violin...

You put your arms up when you want to be picked up, you reach for us when someone else is holding you, and I melt. But you are getting so good with other people, too. I love that you have warmed up to the nanny so much. And you definitely recognize family over strangers and give them big smiles and love when they hold you and give you a new explanation of the world around you. You light up when people talk to you. And you definitely like and dislike some people. It’s hilarious.

I think what amazes me most though is your sense of humor. It was such a milestone in OUR lives when we realized that we could make you smile and laugh, but now you find things funny when we’re not trying. Like how you crack up when I take off my glasses or when someone sneezes. Or when you realized you could reach my ponytail when I was wrapping presents and snuck over to grab it and were laughing so hard you almost fell out of your Exersaucer.

You are growing so fast that sometimes I forget that you are still a little baby, only 6 months old. It’s not lost on me how fleeting this time is, you being so small, and how quickly your smallness will be over. And then you will be a kid. And you will bowl me over with all that you know and the unique person that you (already) are.

You are the happiest baby. And you make us the happiest, too. We love you, little Lu!


I miss her already!!!!!!!!!

Pop Pop
amy said…
Love your writing, Nik! You strike such a great balance of me going AWW, but without wanting to punch out your lights. That's skill!

Love that little Lulu bug and can't wait to see her again! Merry Christmas, Ferrante fam!! xoxo
Juro said…
She is a bundle of joy! Love that girl :)
Fritzy said…
Nikki said…
Anyone who quotes "Simple Jack" wins for best comment!

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