Under $25 Baby Gift Guide!

Everybody's doing it so naturally... I had to put my Etsy and internet shopping skills to good use and put together a baby gift guide.  Wouldn't you be suspicious if I did this in a timely fashion and not two weeks before Christmas?  Needless to say, I'm far from finished with my holiday shopping.  You ahead-of-the-game planner types - I don't understand you.

1. Fortune cookie pillow
2. Rain of colors wall mobile
3. Alphabet wall art (perhaps in your baby's initials?)
4. Owl snuggly
5. Milk moustache onesie
6. It's OK
7. Yummy Yucky book
8. Vulli teether toy
9. The Snowy Day book
10. Rockabye Baby Lullabye Renditions of Queen, one of Lucy's personal favs.
11. Apple onesie
12. I Love You So linen banner

Lucy has a handfull of these items, and the rest I will surely be buying since they are all so delicious.  Happy shopping!


amy said…
I love I love I love!

That apple onesie especially is making my heart crumble.

Okay, but I need tips on shopping Etsy - I always get bogged down. How do you find the good stuff thru all the bad??
Nikki said…
Mainly searching the right keywords, knowing what's out there, and using all the great tools that Etsy has....

I am so good at Etsy. I should be an ETSY ANALYST.
Nikki said…
PS amy i know how you feel about transportation themed baby stuff - that web site (ittikid, same as the onesie) will make you DIE.
Lindsey said…
Nice job on the threadless onsie. I like the hoodsies the best.
k. mukai said…
holy moley nikki, the "i love you so" banner just made my heart fart. i love it so

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