11 months old

Holy mother.  I just typed that.  11 months old.  ELEVEN!  WHAT THE ELMO IS GOING ON HERE.

Little Lucy.

You have somehow created a whirling time warp, one that has scooped us up with all the pieces of love and surprise and fun and cuddles and quiet moments we share as a family, ripped us all right off the ground and sent us all careening.  I don’t know how you were born just a moment ago, and now all of a sudden we’re a few short weeks away from celebrating your first birthday.

The moment you turned 10 months you started walking, and now you are literally RUNNING around the apartment.  Every choice you realize you can make for yourself, like where you want to go (and now you can walk there) or what you want to play with (you know where all your toys are and how to get/play with them) has you so eager to learn and achieve more.  And the same with communication – the more you are able to communicate verbally and physically, the more you are eager to learn.  It is unbelievable to watch you figure things out, learn words, and be your own little person!  No doubt you are and will be the smartest girl I know.

Blueberries are still your favorite food.  You have mastered the words “Mama”, “Dada”, “Pop pop” and woofing like a doggie, roaring like a lion, and sniffing like a bunny.  But the other day we put you in your high chair and you blurted out “BLUEBERRIES” clear as day and we were all like WHAAAAAAAAAAAT.  KEEPING THAT ONE IN YOUR BACK POCKET HUH?  (Then we slept with one eye open that night because um, three syllables?  THAT’S SCARY.)

You love reading books, and spend much of your time at home grabbing them from your toy box, placing them in our hands, plopping down on our laps, and carefully turning the pages while we read to you.  Your favorite books are So Big! (baby Elmo), and anything with doggies or lions in it so you can make animal noises.

I love that you love to read.  I think this is part of why you are so conversational.  Even though you only have a handful of words, you show us that you know exactly what we’re saying by interacting and responding.  I can’t wait until you have more words, and can bowl me over with what you have to say!  Which I know will be soon…

Little Louie bear - we love you to smithereens!  Happy 11 months!


Jim said…
You realize we're having a wedding mainly so we can meet Lucy and Harper, right?

Awww to the max.

(Sorry we can't bring Freddie.)
aimee.s.s. said…
Dude...where did the last year go!?!?
aimee.s.s. said…
As heard at Forrester:
Huang, Eileen says:
nikki blog update alert!
Somelofske, Aimee says:
where did the last year go!?
Huang, Eileen says:
i feel like they just got engaged
Huang, Eileen says:
remember it was valentine's day
Somelofske, Aimee says:
i know!
Somelofske, Aimee says:
iremember when she told us she was pregnant, and used to sneak out for sandwiches
Huang, Eileen says:
and she said you could accidentally make a baby, but not a sandwich, then she made a baby
Somelofske, Aimee says:
Somelofske, Aimee says:
Somelofske, Aimee says:
and i still dont make my own sandwiches
Anonymous said…
So, I am sooooooooooooo proud that one of her words is POP POP!!!!!!!!!!
Fritzy said…
I literally gasp reading "celebrating your first birthday." Wow. What an amazingly wonderful almost-year it's been for the Ferrantes. xoxo!
mic said…
happy 11 months, lucy!!
MegElizabeth said…
Happy 11 months, Lu! I must admit that I miss the lil bugger very much... this whole 9-to-5 thing isn't nearly as fun as romping around Eastie with such an adorable sidekick.

(Also, I'm pretty sure I ass-dialed Nat last week and didn't notice it until several days later. Whoops! Maybe that's my ass reaching out to the Ferrante household?)
Nikki said…
@MegElizabeth - I completely understand if your ass misses us. I can with certainty say that Lucy's ass misses you. I know you were very well acquainted!

@Aimee - Totally LOL'd about being called out on sneaking out for sandwiches while pregs, which I did at 9 a.m., 12 p.m., and 3 p.m. every day. WAIT WHY DID I GAIN 42 POUNDS?

@JIM - EEE! Getting so close... and we'll have to schedule in some Freddie time (LOVE THAT NAME) I fully stalk his pics. SO CUTE.
amy said…
ahaha re: jim. let's just hope harps can keep it together during mass. ah!

i'm forcing lu and harps to be bffs.

happy 11 months lucy!!! what a smarty!! can't waaaaaaaaaaaaaait to see you ladies!! xo

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