I wanted to hold off on another post until I received a comment or two on the last one (yes, I am that type of annoying blogger who lives for your comments), but I have decided to end this standoff because I feel that there is something I need to yell from the rooftops. 

I feel like sending a mass email to everyone in my address book and even making up a few email addresses in hopes that there's some random on the other side to hear me yelp:



If you're not sure, picture having the flu.  Aches, pains, headache, fever, bones feel brittle, and cold to the core.  Then picture the feeling like you just got a bad breast implant, where instead of putting in a happy little pocket of fluid, they put in a grenade that just WILL. NOT. STOP. EXPLODING.

I went to bed feeling dandy, and woke up to feed the little one with some serious pains that made me wince while feeding him.  And then I realized, it's this lovely mastitis people have warned me about.  No flu symptoms though, so I got off easy - physical pain won't do me in.   But then a few hours later (already called in and picked up the prescription) now the flu symptoms are upon me.  And they say my good old buddy Vomit might join us at any time.  But maybe not since we're essentially living in the witness protection program in a temporary home between addresses.  Far from civilization.  Which is probably good.  For you.

Nat's working from home today so I could get the curing elixir, which does not relieve symptoms, but helps me kick this thing.  Forty-eight hours until I feel the relief.

Please send Nat letters of strength and encouragement since I am surely a nightmare. 

...Or maybe a Hannibal Lecter mask he can toss on me when I turn around to hiss.


Michaela Morris said…
so sorry, mama! that sounds terrible. :( i hope you feel better soon! xoxo
Meg Weake Duffany said…
Nikki! So sorry to read this! UGH!! Boobs! they are always getting in the way. I hope the antibiotics kick in and you sleep through the next 48 hours... ( clearly this is the non kid owner in me that thinks this is actually something you could do... )
Thinking of you and wishing you well- quick quick quick.
Brooke Kotsonis said…
Oh no, hang in there Nikki!! It will be gone before you know it (but in the thick of it you must feel awful - so sorry!!).

Hopefully the fact that you got it is a sign that the little guy is giving you good sleep stretches! I had mastitis once with Sylvie (as well as plenty of plugged ducts - I knew what to look for after that!) and it was because she was giving me time to fill-up at a very young age because she was a sleeping champ. Whereas Charles, who is not quite the snoozer his sister was, empties me out quite regularly -- not even a plugged duct yet.

So it's mastitis or sleepless nights for me - ah, the trade-offs we mamas face!! HANG IN THERE!!
Amanda said…
Oh No!! I know exactly what you are going through. I had MasTITis (haha love it) when William was about a month old. Dave had to take work off and I stayed in bed for two days while he handed the baby over to me to feed. Since then I've had a few plugged ducts...and now fast forward to a year, am weaning William and thought I was getting Mastitis again!! I feel okay today but am still in some major pain.
Alternate hot (before feeding) and cold compresses (to ease pain after)and stand in a hot shower. Also massage, massage... oh and if you have a plugged duct and face Freddy's nose towards the spot when he feeds. May make for some awkward reverse football hold but works.. Hope you get over it quickly. It's no fun at all.

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