Pat's Day Weekend, in (overly filtered) pictures!

For those of you who are not from Massachusetts, you should know that Patriot's Day/Marathon Monday is a holiday where good times are taken seriously.  Very few are working, all are drinking, or running, or watching the Sox (lose unfortunately, but that's beside the point...) and the universe typically throws us an unseasonably sunny day.  All in all, a great day for Massholes.

We spent our weekend gallivanting around Cape Cod, of course.  You're going to stop feeling bad for me now.  I mean, things could be worse, eh?

First real pedi
Following a trip to Dr. Gravity's Kite Shop
Beach cuddles
Loving the sand
Mini golf time!
Hole in 999.
No funny business with this scorekeeper.
Another stop at the beach! (T-shirt says it all)
Monday evening sunset. (No filter needed!)


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