What a difference a day or two makes.

Okey dokes. Seems like I'm making good on my promise to not let this blog die a slow and silent death.  After all, I've missed you.

So yes, there was that last post.  The one where I went a little nutty and may or may not have been a little TMI. It was the fever talking. Or maybe it was my extended isolation out here on the Cape, where I literally know zero people that I didn't make or marry. (<< winner!)

However - the aforementioned 48 hours have passed and... I'm feeling good as new!

Recap anyone?

Day one. Woke up in pain. Called doc. Got meds. Fever climbing. Fever induced blog rant. Full day of delirious fever, aches, migrane. Not human. Nightfall. Fever breaks, and the ability to think and move slowly returns.

Day two. Manageable fever (aka sanity via Tylenol). Trying to make up for lost time with kids/work/home. Triple fail as I wandered in and out of fever mode with crazy aches.

Day three.  That would be today! And you can tell by my lack of pointiness and capslock that I'm thrilled to be feeling 100%. As in, not a trace of the delirium that was Thursday. As if it never happened. Happy happy happy to be done with that.

And a little off topic:

I just noticed that I need to add another octopus to my banner. We ain't just a one-octopus family anymore!  We've got this little guy, who can't get enough of that sweet little reflection above his swing...

Quite handsome Freddy, I agree.


Suzanne said…
Such a cute little nose :)
amy said…
He is so and I mean SOOO cute. I need more pics!! Also... a real life meeting. This summer, this summer. I can't wait.

I never had mastitis! It sounds so scary ... and painful... no. So glad the drugs kicked in sister!!

Kristie said…
Hi Nikki - I am just catching up on READING your blog (the little one can hang and cling now, not much computer time!), don't know how you are keeping up the blog but I reallllly appreciate it because it's hysterical and I literally laugh out loud when reading it. It all sounds too familiar, the baby, the mastitis, moving, homeless, BUT I did not do it with a mind-of-their-own two year old that wantstodoitthemself all the time... Congrats on the baby, house, family success...it will all be worth the hassle in the end!
aimee.s.s. said…
I love love love this picture of of the little guy! And I'm so glad you are feeling better!!

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