Off the map.

There have been quite a few things going on over here, as you know, which is why the blogging has come to a screeching halt.

Of course, the major one: a new baby! Making it a wonderful chaos in our home.

However, we sold that home.

Then we packed up every last item we've accumulated over the past 5+ years there, and moved out of our wonderful loft in the Bra Factory at the end of March.

And we bought a new home. Which fell through. (It's for the better.)

So we started over, and found yet another home. An immaculate one! No work necessary - so easy living, here we come.

So we thought.

The inspection found a couple (very fixable)(but big) things, so now for time's sake, and for Pete's sake we've had enough - so we're fixing and closing on this little gem of a house on a gem of a road in a gem of a town. (A stone's throw from my good blogger Mama friend over at Reno 366 I might add!)

If all goes as planned, we'll be closing at the end of this month, where we'll enjoy some down time, we hope wehopewehopewehope.

NO MORE LIFE EVENTS PLEASE. Q1 2012 has officially been a humdinger.

Ah, but you've noticed the gap between houses! Moving out in March, moving in at the end of April - yes, that math leaves us homeless for a month. Thankfully, my grandparents have a cottage on the Cape that we're inhabiting for the time being.

On the one hand, it's nice to wake up on the water, drink some local beers, and grill fresh seafood every night.  I've spent weekends in summer here since I was born, and with all the change, staying somewhere that Lucy is familiar with and loves is priceless.

On the other hand, we're living out of suitcases as a family of four, in a house that's filled with not-our-things while our things sit in storage, Nat's commuting hours away, I'm working from home sans sitter, and our residential future is up in the air.  (Given the way it's been going, I won't believe it's a done deal until I have the key in hand.)

Making the best of it though, as it bridges the gap to what MUST be a restful rest of 2012.


So if I still have a reader left, please excuse my absence!  My brain is a fried scallop.  However, I've resolved that I'll update every couple of days or so, even if it's just an Instagram picture with some incoherent babble! And incoherent babble it will be...

At least I've made a new best friend down here on the Cape:

She's a great listener.


Amanda said…
Yay can't wait for you guys to move here!! Bring your friend grey lady with you, I'd like to meet her. Then I can walk home.
Nikki said…
@Amanda - may a-night with Grey Lady ahead!
Still reading :) I knew you were busy with the little man. Sorry to hear about housing troubles, and I hope it all gets worked out very soon. Can't imagine myself in that sitch with two little ones--oy! But, what's that old saying about looking back and laughing: ;)

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