I'm back in the office this week.  I have been lucky to work at home to accomodate Lucy The Great Bottle Resister, but it seems the stint is ending, at least for the time being.  This is Lucy's first day without either me or Nat for a full day, but she loves her nanny and didn't bat an eye when we left.  It's definitely harder on me than her, but knowing she's happy and in good hands makes it easy. 

And if you were ever wondering why I love Lucy so much, and our amazing nanny Aly... I just got this on my phone:

I am mush for that little peanut.


Rachel Bowie said…
Nikki, Lucy is ADORABLE! Love this update!
amy said…
look at her GRINNING. ah! i'm dying.

oh that lucy bug is honestly too cute for words. hope you're hanging in at your first day away -- so great to have a nanny that sends updates like that!
LTB said…
Oh my gosh. That smile!
Nikki said…
I know you guys! I live for that gummy little grin!
mic said…
ugh, so cute!!! what a happy baby!
Beth in SF said…
OMG that smile! Adorable! What restraint for you to have stayed at work ;)
UGH - dying!! Can that little gummy grin be ANY more adorable??? Such a happy kiddo!

Hope your first day flew by, I'm sure you were GREAT!
Anonymous said…
you guys are very lucky! what a wonderful family and is always harder for the parents. are an awesome Mom so proud of my daughter!

Love Mom

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