Lucy monster

For Christmas, my brother got us a Flip MinoHD camera.  It's awesome and about the size of my Blackberry, so I can carry it in my bag and catch clips of Lucy being Lucy ANYWHERE I GO.  Let's just say I have a ton of video, and let's just say you may get real sick of me real soon.


amy said…
omg. she was...pretending to be a monster. *heart breaks*

tooooooooo CUTE.

and what a good imitator! muah.
Sounded like mama and dada
loved the hand movements
Thank you,

Pop Pop
mic said…
oh wow. i'm glad i'm home today and not in an office because i just squealed.
Juro said…
WAAAY cuter than the eTrade talking baby! :)
Elisa said…
so adorable. reminds me of my sister at that age. You need to bring her in so we can see her in person! :)

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