Place heart in vise. Squeeze.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

What a great holiday week we have had...  Nat and I were both off from work the whole week and the family time with Lucy is priceless.  I am already feeling the Sunday blues since tomorrow we're back to work...

Here are some pictures of Lucy on her first Christmas:

Lucy and her cousin Sydney mesmerized by Yo Gabba Gabba on Christmas Eve.

Lucy showing off her Reindeer on Christmas morning.

Reading books from Santa, Gran, and Pop Pop!

We had such a nice Christmas in New York!  Unfortunately, Nat was sick with a fever and the works. It was the pits, especially since he had to stay away from Lucy.  We have been dreading Lucy's first cold and despite our best efforts, Lucy woke up sick on Tuesday.  Thankfully no fever, but she was congested, sneezing, coughing, not sleeping well, and couldn't really take her bink or eat well since her nose was plugged.  The poor little pumpkin was really clingy and cuddly, but still in good spirits.

So on top of my heart being TOTAL MUSH over a sick baby, she started saying "Mamamama" that day!  And it was coincidentally also my birthday, which was such a great present from the babe.  Lucy is feeling much better now, and she's so happy to have the "Mama" tool, since I encourage it by running up to her whenever she uses it.  But for all I know, she thinks "Mama" means PICK ME THE F* UP.  But hey, I'll take it!


Great pics, enjoyed having you, pulled pork was great.

Love Pop Pop
mic said…
i can't get over how gorgeous Lucy is! what a cute little Christmas bug!
amy said…
oh no, lucy bug got sick! i can just picture her all cuddly with her mama...who she now calls mama...AH!!!

she's such a doll! muah!
MacTaggart said…
YAY! I can't believe she is saying words, especially MAMA! :) How cute.
Anonymous said…
I think Mammma means I love you! Such I great feeling......

Love Mom

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