Big Love

It's a great day when you not only have one valentine, but two... (one big, one little) and you can spend the day in jammies for an extended period of time, no rush to get ready, no rush out the door.

The Big Valentine and I are heading out to dinner shortly, so we're getting in all the hugs we can from our Silly Little Pantsless Valentine.


mic said…
awwww, i love her socks!

happy valentine's day!
amy said…
get OUT OF HERE with that cuteness!!

happy valentine's day, ferrante fam!
Hope you two had a wonderful dinner, and Lucy had a great time also. The second pic is outstanding.............

Pop Pop
aimee.s.s. said…
The second photo makes her look like a little model! Hope you and the fam had a very happy valentines day!

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