One thousand and one balls in the air.

I haven't posted in a while, and I have a few things to tie up here before we get on with it.  First, I have to give a huge YAHOO and SQUEE of a celebratory shout-out to my buddy Amy and her hubs Clay (yes, that's Blue Jean Amy that I speak of) on the birth of their delicious baby girl HARPER JUNE.  I mean, if that name doesn't kill you, then I don't even know.  Even more scrumptious is her picture.  I haven't met her yet, but I think she should be thankful that she's an internet away, because I'd likely dip her in jelly and NOM NOM on that buttery baby goodness.  Nice work on making a good one, guys!  They are a wonderfully amusing family already.  I recommend her blog.

And now I'd like to get right down to the excuses.  I have been working full-time in the office now for a few weeks and buddies - working full-time with a baby is no easy feat!  It definitely was easier while working from home.  The anxiety of leaving your little one in the care of someone else with no real idea of what's going on while you're gone is nerve-wracking. (Luckily our current nanny is great, and we trust her, and Lucy lights up when she sees her!)  But logistics wise, working full-time in the office means I have to GET DRESSED.  Not like literally throw on clothes, but like assemble an outfit and appearance that masks the insanity that lives within.  Also, there's the lengthy getting everything ready process.  Laundry, diapers, bottles, supplies - all to be laid out the night before.  No yelling downstairs "UM - CHECK THE REFRIGERATOR?" when the nanny can't find where I've put Lucy's shoe.  Now tack on commuting time to my day.

I enjoy working in the office (a home office gets pretty monotonous), but there certainly are "extras" that make things more difficult.  I can appreciate both the pros and cons to the choice of going back to work or being a stay at home mom.  I could never judge someone on their choice.  It's rewarding and challenging either way. 

So there's work.  There's Lucy, who I'd devote 30 hours a day to if I could.  Then there's one-on-one time with the husband, which gets increasingly harder to come by, but it keeps me sane.  The thing that tends to get the back burner most often is my time for ME.  Like time with friends or time to read or work out (hahah I mean go out to eat and talk about how I ought to work out) and yes, time to blog.  THE BLOG SUFFERS!

I continue to regain my balance with the perspective that SOME PEOPLE HAVE MORE THAN ONE KID!  OR HAVE TWINS!  OR TRIPLETS!  And I have a wonderfully tempered 7-month old and a great situation.  No complaints here.


I was at the point that I was missing her new pics. I will print it and add to my collection


Pop Pop
amy said…
aw, thanks for the harper j shout-out! i can't wait till our ladies can meet!

also: if someone told me i had to look normal/clean/cute right now i'd...lose mah mind. big props for doing all that you're doing, nik!

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