Lucy Louise's Day Off

Bueller.  Bueller.

Since Nat, Lucy, and I all had Monday off for President's Day, we thought we'd take Little Louie out for an adventure.  An aquatic one.  The New England Aquarium is literally 5 minutes from our apartment and I feel kind of guilty that we're only just taking her now at almost 8 months old, but any younger and I don't think she would have enjoyed herself as much.

As soon as we walked in, she was amazed by the giant penguin tank.  She wanted to lean over the tank to see inside and it was making me nervous how brazen she was, peering over and down!  She was totally like WHERE ARE WE AND AND WHAT ARE ALL THOSE LITTLE BLACK AND WHITE BABIES DOING IN THAT GIANT BATH.

When we toured with her around all the fishtanks, Lucy was a little overwhelmed and didn't really know what she was looking at... she was much more enamored with all the kids running around.  Then being so close to so many adults - namely women with purses - she started grabbing at everyone's bags.  About four different women clutched their bags and glared at me as if I were going for their wallets, so in order to not be escorted out in handcuffs, I had to throw Lucy under the bus on that one.  IT WAS HER.  Although she did end up pocketing enough cash to pay for dinner, so I can't really be mad.

To commemorate our first family trip to the Aquarium, we hit up the gift shop on our way out.  We had picked out this little plush igloo with a seal inside.  So cute for a little baby girl.  Lucy was holding it as we were walking around the store, but then we passed this ugly gigantic maroon and tan squid, and next thing you know the seal is on the floor.  Lucy loves to grab hair, drawstrings, and anything cord-like that she can get her hands on, so the 8 dangling tentacles on this thing were like a dream come true.

Introducing GUS (acronym for Giant Ugly Squid).  Other name contenders were Squiddle, Squid Squidly, Squid Row, Squid Barrett, Squid N' Play, and Squiddler on the Roof.   I welcome your horrible squid puns.

[Thank you to Meg, our squidtographer!]


mic said…
i love that squid!

...and your little fam, obv!

Juro said…
Squidaddle - she got that piscatorial passion from ME!!! ;)

So cute!
amy said…
i just laughed so hard i woke harper up. THANKS, SQUID THING.
I am sure Juro appreciates her love of fish, I can take credit for the calamari (love). Prettier and prettier.


Pop Pop
Beth in SF said…
I like the squid, he's really cute. And kiddos just LUUURV the aquarium at any age, it's so fun to watch them get so excited!
Lindsey said…
I love love love her owl shirt. So cute!
Eileen said…
She's squidorable! (Oh man, that's a bad one.)
Nikki said…
Perhaps even calamaridiculous, or inktastic!

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