Pearly white

On Friday, Lucy was cracking up laughing like her usual self, except I noticed that one thing was different... SHE HAS A TOOTH!  I knew she was "teething", but who knows how long it takes for a tooth to actually break through the gums.  And there it was.  A pearly white ridge emerging out of her gums, clear as day. 

She is so confused by what's happening, she keeps pulling out her pacifier to rub her tongue against it and touch it with her finger.  It's still just poking out only a little bit, but it is most certainly there, and I can see the second one getting ready to pop out as well.  She is going to look so different!  Ahhhhh I can't take this!

Is it weird that I want to take a ton of pictures of her gums sans teeth before they come in?  Toothless baby smiles are just so cute.  Oh I'll miss that gummy grin, but can't wait to see her new pearly whites.

Nat's teeth grew in perfectly - no braces or anything.  ME on the other hand, well... let's just say if Lucy takes after me she'll be able to bite through a chair.  Thank God for orthodontics.  Take after your dad on this one, Louie!

In other news, we're switching to formula...


I am sure her teeth like she, will be perfect!!!!!!!


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Beth in SF said…
The gummy smiles *are* super cute, but nothing beats a full-toothed grin :)
It's not weird AT ALL to want to capture that gummy grin! I'm sure the first tooth is so bittersweet - we're still watching for Sylvie's first one and I'm secretly rooting for it to take its sweet time ;).

BTW - SUPER KUDOS to you for breastfeeding for so long!! Superstar!!

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