Eight months old

Lucy bear! Today you are eight months old.

Tonight when I brought you up to your crib, you were already asleep in my arms (usually you go into your crib awake) and it reminded me of all those months when sleeping in my arms was something we shared every day.  And now it's so rare, you being a big girl and all - so all I can do is soak it up, smell the top of your delicious head, and admire your beautiful sleeping face. 

I can't believe that at this point in your life, you were in my belly longer than you've been out!  To us, it seems like we've known you forever.  We can do nothing but love you, little one.

[photo credits to Meg]


Juro said…
When things get hectic absolutely NOTHING makes my day like seeing these pics!!
LTB said…
Oh my gosh. Melt. These pictures are stunning! Happy 8 months old, Lucy!
Elisa said…
So adorable!!!! Happy 8 months little one!
Fritzy said…
She just gets cuter and cuter.
oh God...............soooo beautiful

Pop Pop
emily said…
wow! Lucy is just insanely gorgeous!!! i can't wait to meet her!

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