Breaking it down

There were some other things I was going to blog about, but this definitely trumps anything I have to say.

Her name is Lucy.  She likes to dance.


amy said…
ah! *dies from awesome overload*

she's ready for the clubz!!

i want to eat her.

and i love the yo gabba gabba reference. i say that all the time in the creepiest voice.

"my name is harper! and i like to daaaaaaaaaaance."
Anonymous said…
Lucy, Nanny needs dance lessons!

I'll be over soon.
sarah said…
YES! Lucy's dancing was blog worthy SO long ago! Gets me every time
CH said…
omg, this dance would be amazing to THRILLER... please let that be our Halloween treat!!
MegElizabeth said…
dying. completely dying.
this could be the cutest frankenstein-esque thing she's done since learning to walk.

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