Lu and Nan

The hardworking hubs was at it again with home projects this weekend, painting the ceiling in our kitchen that had been bare wood up until now.  So that meant that Lucy and I moved out for the weekend and got to stay with one of Lucy's favorite people in the world - my mom.  Lu is trying so hard to say "Nanny" (so far Nana or Nan).

Making herself comfortable at Nanny's.

I love how excited Lucy gets at the mention of Nanny Sue.  Literally at the mention of her name, Lucy starts looking around trying to find where she is.  And maybe it's a grandmother thing, but I love how my mom is so relaxed around Lucy.  Lu gets into everything, empties every drawer, makes an epic mess, and my mom just gets anything dangerous out of the way and lets Lucy explore.

Meanwhile I'm breaking out in hives as Lucy pulls her socks off and puts her feet in every pot and pan.  LUCY THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN AT HOME.  MOMMY IS UPTIGHT.


Anonymous said…
I had the best time! Let's do it again soon!

Love, Nanny Sue :)

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