It's that time of year...

My annual mulletting!

Mullet Girl, circa 2005.
Back story:  I have pretty much had a mullet since I have had control over my hairstyle.  My mullet's heyday was in college and the few years after.  I didn't realize I had a mullet... But there I was, fresh from the salon, stone sober waiting in line at a bar to meet up with friends.  There's a large group in front of me, and a large group behind me in line.  I asked the bouncer if I could just squeeze in since I'm all alone here and there are my friends *WAVE!* already inside. He told me to wait a moment and he'll see what he can do.

Enter life-altering under age drunk girl behind me.


Oh god.  I know not what to do.  Do I have a mullet?  Let's see.  Yes.  Yes, this is a mullet.  I have no choice but to clutch my hair in sober realization and take this abuse in fear that if I turn around some sort of "business in the front" comment will finish me.

It's ironic because it's been way too long since I've had my hair cut, and I have a mullet now more than ever.  Because after all my hair fell out postpartum, it's now growing in all at the same rate... so under my too-long hair, I have a full head of 2 inch hair growing in.  Essentially a men's haircut under a woman's haircut.  = mullet.  Unfortunately it is not currently possible to conceal my Lloyd Christmas bangs.

Very excited to get many inches chopped tomorrow morning.  Anything is an improvement, friends.


amy said…
dude, i got my first haircut since it all fell out and then started to come back in.

the chick kept being like

"WOW. i have NEVER seen this much regrowth. what? how much hair actually fell out?"

and i'm all: ALL OF IT.

my lloyd bangs and men's-haircut-under-ladiez-haircut are bringing me down, yo. (tho a trip to the salon def helped. enjoy your cut!!)
CH said…
My pink shoulder in the picture says hi.

The best part of "mullet girl" night is all night in the bar I kept asking "which one is she? I want to confront her!" and you wouldn't tell me, for fear of what might happen :)


sarah said…
i remember that night all too well! haha...and to think, this whole time i thought it was just an exaggeration on the truth! I do miss the "mullet" tho... and can't wait to see the new do

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